MAX14724 Serial-Controlled 8:4 Matrix Switch Multiplexer

Product Details

The MAX14724 is a serial-controlled, 8:4 full-matrix analog multiplexer. The device operates from either a single wide supply or dual ±2.5V supplies. A wide operating range makes the device ideal for battery-powered, portable instruments. All channels guarantee break-before-make switching.

The serial control is selectable between I2C and SPI. Both modes provide individual control of each independent switch so that any combination of switches can be applied. I2C mode provides one address-select pin, allowing for addressing up to two devices on a single bus. The SPI mode includes a DO pin that can be used to daisy-chain multiple devices together with a single select signal.

The MAX14724 features bidirectional operation and can handle rail-to-rail analog signals. All control inputs are 1.6V-logic compatible. This device is available in a small 20-pin, 4mm × 4mm, TQFN and 20-bump, 2mm × 1.7mm, wafer-level package (WLP).


  • Battery-Powered Equipment
  • Data Acquisition
  • Medical Equipment
  • Signal Switching

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Architecture Enables Ease of Design and Control
    • 8:4 Matrix Switch Multiplexer
    • Fully Programmable with Simultaneous Updates
    • Independent Control of Each Switch
    • Serial Control
      • I2C with Address-Select Pin
      • SPI with DO for Daisy-Chain
      • 1.6V Logic Compatible
  • Low Distortion Switching Improves System Performance
    • 1Ω RON (typ) with +5V or ±2.5V Supply
    • 0.5Ω RON Match Between Channels (typ)
    • 0.2Ω RON Flatness Over Signal Range (typ)
    • Low Leakage Current: 5nA at +25°C (typ)
  • Integrated Protection for System Reliability
    • ±30kV HBM on NO_ and COM_
    • ±15kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge on NO_ and COM_
    • ±10kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge on NO_ and COM_
  • High-Integration Multiplexing Reduces Footprint and System Complexity
    • 20 WLP (2mm × 1.7mm)
    • 20 TQFN (4mm × 4mm)