HMC1105 GaAs MMIC x2 Passive Frequency Multiplier, 20 - 40 GHz Input

Product Details

The HMC1105 is a passive miniature frequency doubler MMIC. Suppression of undesired fundamental and higher order harmonics is up to 46 dB typical with respect to input signal level. The doubler utilizes the same GaAs Schottky diode/balun technology found in Hittite MMIC mixers. It features small size, requires no DC bias, and adds no measurable additive phase noise onto the multiplied signal.


  • Point-to-Point and VSAT Radios 
  • V-Band Communications 
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Radar
  • Space

Features and Benefits

  • Passive: No DC Bias Required
  • Conversion Loss: 12 dBm
  • Fo Isolation: 41 dB
  • 3Fo Isolation: 46 dB
  • Die Size: 1.79 × 1.19 x 0.1 mm