Can the welding robot weld medium and heavy plates? How to maintain and program the welding robot?

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1. Can automatic welding robots weld medium and heavy plates?

Can automatic welding robots weld medium and heavy plates? Welding technology, as the basic process of the machinery manufacturing industry, has attracted much attention in technological development. Automatic welding robots are automatic welding equipment developed on the basis of traditional welding, which can realize welding of any workpiece. Welding, traditional welding is easy to lead to unstable welding quality and slow welding efficiency in the welding work of medium and heavy plates. Let us discuss the welding of medium and heavy plate workpieces by automatic welding robots.

The automatic welding robot is mainly used in the field of construction machinery for the welding of medium and thick plates. In practical application cases, it can improve the teaching efficiency. In terms of welding quality, it can modularize the welding parameters and improve the stability of the welding quality. Now there are The medium and heavy plate welding system is more intelligent for the welding of medium and heavy plates.

Modularization of welding parameters. In the automatic welding robot medium and heavy plate welding system, the welding parameters of the medium and heavy plate specifications can be stored, and in the future welding work, the stored welding parameters can be called according to the type of the weld.

Equipped with contact sensor. Contact sensing is to detect whether the workpiece is offset during the process of contacting the workpiece. When starting contact, a workpiece position will be determined according to the contact sensor, and another position will be detected during teaching, and the difference between the two positions will be detected. It is the error value, and the welding operation is realized by calculating the compensation amount.

In the welding application of automatic welding robots for medium and heavy plate workpieces, Qingdao Saibang summarizes the role of medium and heavy plate welding systems based on customer feedback. The welding quality of products and the expansion of product performance have obvious effects, which can reduce welding consumables and reduce the output cost of enterprises.

In summary, the automatic welding robot can weld medium and thick plates, which can improve the deposition efficiency and achieve stable welding when welding medium and thick plates.

2. Maintenance of welding robot

(1) Daily inspection and maintenance

1. Wire feeding mechanism, including whether the wire feeding distance is normal, whether the wire feeding conduit is damaged, and whether there is an abnormal alarm.

2. Is the gas flow normal?

3. Whether the welding torch safety protection system is normal. (It is forbidden to close the welding torch for safety protection work)

4. Whether the water circulation system works normally.

5. Test TCP (it is recommended to compile a test program and run it after each shift)

(2) Weekly inspection and maintenance

1. Scrub each axis of the robot.

2. Check the accuracy of TCP.

3. Check the residual oil level.

4. Check whether the zero position of each axis of the robot is accurate.

5. Clean the filter behind the water tank of the welding machine.

6. Clean the filter screen at the compressed air inlet.

7. Clean the impurities at the nozzle of the welding torch so as not to block the water circulation.

8. Clean the wire feeding mechanism, including wire feeding wheel, wire pressing wheel and wire guide tube.

9. Check whether the hose bundle and guide wire hose are damaged or broken. (It is recommended to remove the entire hose bundle and clean it with compressed air)

10. Check whether the welding torch safety protection system is normal, and whether the external emergency stop button is normal.

3. Programming skills of welding robots

(1) Select a reasonable welding sequence to reduce the welding deformation and the length of the welding torch walking path to formulate the welding sequence.

(2) The space transition of the welding torch requires a short, smooth and safe moving trajectory.

(3) Optimize the welding parameters, in order to obtain the best welding parameters, make working test pieces for welding test and process qualification.

(4) Adopt reasonable positioner position, welding torch posture, and welding torch relative joint position. After the workpiece is fixed on the positioner, if the welding seam is not in the ideal position and angle, it is required to continuously adjust the positioner during programming, so that the welded seam reaches the horizontal position one by one according to the welding sequence. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously adjust the position of each axis of the robot, and reasonably determine the position, angle and extension length of the welding torch relative to the joint. After the position of the workpiece is determined, the position of the welding torch relative to the joint must be observed by the programmer's eyes, which is difficult. This requires programmers to be good at summarizing and accumulating experience.

(5) Insert the gun cleaning program in time. After writing a welding program of a certain length, the gun cleaning program should be inserted in time, which can prevent welding spatter from clogging the welding nozzle and contact tip, ensure the cleaning of the welding gun, improve the life of the nozzle, and ensure reliable arc ignition, Reduce welding spatter.

(6) The programming generally cannot be completed in one step. It is necessary to continuously check and modify the program during the robot welding process, and adjust the welding parameters and the posture of the welding torch to form a good program.

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