ADM232L Low Power, +5V CMOS RS-232 100kBPS Transceiver with 2 Drivers/Receivers

Product Details

The ADM2xx family of line drivers/receivers is intended for all EIA-232-E and V.28 communications interfaces, especially in applications where ±12 V is not available. The ADM223, ADM230L, ADM235L, ADM236L and ADM241L feature a low power shutdown mode that reduces power dissipation to less than 5 µW, making them ideally suited for battery powered equipment. Two receivers remain enabled during shutdown on the ADM223. The ADM233L and ADM235L do not require any external components and are particularly useful in applications where printed circuit board space is critical.

All members of the ADM230L family, except the ADM231L and the ADM239L, include two internal charge pump voltage converters that allow operation from a single +5 V supply. These converters convert the +5 V input power to the ±10 V required for RS-232 output levels. The ADM231L and ADM239L are designed to operate from +5 V and +12 V supplies. An internal +12 V to -12 V charge pump voltage converter generates the -12 V supply.

The ADM2xxL is an enhanced upgrade for the AD2xx family featuring lower power consumption, faster slew rate and operation with smaller (1 µF) capacitors.


  • Computers
  • Peripherals
  • Modems
  • Printers
  • Instruments

Features and Benefits

  • Single 5 V Power Supply 
  • Meets All EIA-232-E and V.28 Specifications 
  • 120 kB/s Data Rate 
  • On-Board DC-DC Converters 
  • ±9 V Output Swing with 5 V Supply 
  • Small 1 µF Capacitors 
  • Low Power Shutdown ≤ µA 
  • Receivers Active in Shutdown (ADM223) 
  • ±30 V Receiver Input Levels 
  • Latch-Up FREE 
  • Plug-In Upgrade for MAX223/230-241 
  • Plug-In Upgrade for AD230–AD241