MPI launches NoiseShieldTM products

MPI has introduced a new NoiseShieldTM product that offers excellent EMI shielding, low ground impedance and the shortest cable length to reduce parasitic capacitance and maximize the roll-off frequency of the test system. This option reduces the impact o

Synopsys introduces the latest generation of embedded vision processors

Synopsys introduces the latest generation of embedded vision processors with deep neural network (DNN) accelerators to deliver industry-leading computing performance for artificial intelligence (AI)-intensive edge applications - 35 trillion operations per

MOUSER launches IEEE 802.15.4 Microchip SAM R30 Sub-GHz

Mouser's SAM R30 sub-GHz module is available for immediate shipment from worldwide electronic components licensing, which is focused on the introduction of new products. As an industry-standard ultra-small IEEE 802.15.4 compliant module, the SAM R30 i

Dialog Semiconductor Introduces Bluetooth 5.1 SoC and Module

SmartBond TINYTM and modules enable the lowest IoT Bluetooth low power connection costs.Dialog Semiconductor, Inc. (Deutsche Stock Exchange: DLG), a highly integrated power management, charging, AC/DC power conversion, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low-power techno

Maxim Releases New Analog Devices

The MAX6078A, MAX16155, and MAX16160 provide high-accuracy measurement and reliable protection for consumer, communications, industrial, and medical applications.Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces three industry-leading analog product

MOUSER STOCK Osram Oslon Pure 1010 LED

Oslon® Pure 1010 LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors are available today for the distribution of electronic components that focus on introducing new products and providing massive inventory. This is a 1 mm × 1 mm ultra-small LED in a true chip s

STMicroelectronics Updates TouchGFX Software Package

STMicroelectronics has updated the STM32* microcontroller TouchGFX user interface software framework with new features that make the graphical user interface smoother, more dynamic, and reduce the need for memory and CPU.TouchGFX is a set of free software

Maxim Announces Single-Chip Battery Monitor IC

The MAX17853 can support different battery packs in the same board design, reducing automotive application development cycles by 50%.Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX17853 battery monitor IC, a single-chip solution for automo

AnDAPT releases product news

AnDAPT introduces the first PMIC family of integrated DrMOS controllers and multiple buck regulators for unprecedented flexibility.The "AnD7XXX PMIC Series" offers multiple topologies of power regulators in a single device, from hundreds of mA to over 40A

MOUSER launches Maxim MAX4002x high speed comparator

The Maxim MAX4002x high-speed comparators are available at MOUSER, and low propagation delays are favored by lidar and ToF applications.Mouser Electronics, which specializes in the introduction of new products and provides massive inventory, is now stocki

STMicroelectronics Introduces Instant Suppression Diode

STMicroelectronics Introduces Latest Generation of Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes with Market-Leading Power Density, 600W Power Rating in SMB Flat Package, Transient Power Up to 1500W, Power Rating and Instantaneous in 1.0mm Thick SMA Flat Pac

STMicroelectronics Introduces Two Ready-to-Use LoRa Development Kits

STMicroelectronics has introduced two ready-to-use LoRa® development kits that enable LoRa® remote low-power wireless IoT network connectivity for all types of users, from large and small businesses to independent designers, enthusiasts and school

STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated 64-Channel High-Voltage Analog Switch Chip

STMicroelectronic's 64-channel high-voltage analog switch ICs are integrated to unprecedented levels for advanced ultrasound systems, ultrasonic probes, piezo actuators, automated test equipment, industrial automation and industrial manufacturing proc

MOUSER launches the first LED innovation quantum dot technology using QD technology

The distribution of electronic components focused on the introduction of new products and the provision of massive stocks is now available from Osram Opto Semiconductors' Oscomq® S 3030 QD LEDs. The mid-power LED uses quantum dot (QD) tunable opti

STMicroelectronics Introduces STSPIN Module

STMicroelectronics introduced the STSPIN module to add high-performance motor drives to the MikroElektronika Fusion forArm® Ecosystem development board.STMicroelectronics partnered with ST Authorized Partner MikroElektronika to develop four Click boar

AMETEK Releases Asterion Series 12kVA/18kVA

AMETEK Programmable Power Supply Division - A global leader in DC and AC flow control and test solutions, the Asterion series of 12kVA/18kVA new AC and DC power supplies.The Asterion12K3 offers up to 12000VA or 12000W AC and DC output power, and the Aster

Tektronix Technologies' Next Generation Oscilloscope

In the frequent contact with engineers, engineers are now facing new challenges. More and more scenes need to accurately test high-speed small signals. Traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes are embarrassing. Engineers have concerns about existing oscilloscope t

Vishay Introduces New Series of Infrared (IR) Sensor Modules

Available in five small packages with a fast response time of 300 μs, the sensor is highly immune to interference and is immune to spurious signals.Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) announced the launch of five new infrared (IR) sensor modules i

Silicon Labs' New Mesh Network Module Simplifies Design of Secure IoT Products

Pre-certified Zigbee®, Thread and Bluetooth mesh modules simplify the development of smart LEDs, home automation and industrial IoT solutions.China, Beijing - September 26, 2019 - Silicon Labs (also known as "Core Technology", NASDAQ: SLAB) introduces

STMicroelectronics Releases STM32 Microcontroller

ST's 8-pin STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs) are available now, and the compact, economical package allows simple embedded development projects to take advantage of the performance and flexibility of 32-bit MCUs.The new four STM32G0 microcontrollers are t

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